=LOVE is a Japanese girl group founded in 2017. They are produced by Sashihara Rino, a former member of HKT48.

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  1. [2017.09.06] =LOVE
  2. [2017.12.06] Bokura no Seifuku Christmas (僕らの制服クリスマス; Our Uniformed Christmas)
  3. [2018.05.16] Teokure caution (手遅れcaution; Belated caution)
  4. [2018.10.17] Want you! Want you!
  5. [2019.04.24] Sagase Diamond Lily  (探せ ダイヤモンドリリー; Searching Diamond Lily)
  6. [2019.10.30] Zurui yo Zurui ne (ズルいよ ズルいね; Sneaky Sneaky)
  7. [2020.07.08] CAMEO
  8. [2020.11.25] Seishun "Subliminal" (青春“サブリミナル”; "Subliminal" Youth


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