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22/7 (ナナブンノニジュウニ; Nanabun no Nijyuuni) is digital seiyu idol group, formed by a collaboration of producer Akimoto Yasushi with Aniplex and Sony Music Records. The group blends elements of anime with real-life idols. Through this the group participates in a variety of multimedia content including voice-acting, anime, virtual youtubers, and music.

On September 20, 2021, it was announced that the group would be holding an audition to recruit new members.[1]


Current Members

Former Members


Studio Albums

  1. [2021.06.30] 11 to Iu Na no Eien no Sosuu (11という名の永遠の素数)


  1. [2017.09.20] Boku wa Sonzai Shiteinakatta (僕は存在していなかった)
  2. [2018.04.11] Shampoo no Nioi ga Shita (シャンプーの匂いがした)
  3. [2018.08.22] Rikaisha (理解者)
  4. [2019.08.21] Nani mo Shiteagerarenai (何もしてあげられない)
  5. [2020.02.26] Muzui (ムズイ)
  6. [2020.09.30] Kaze wa Fuiteru ka? (風は吹いてるか?)
  7. [2021.02.24] Boku ga Motteru Mono Nara (僕が持ってるものなら)
  8. [2021.11.24] Kakusei (覚醒)

Video Releases


From July 1 to 15, 2020, fans voted between four possible sub-unit formations. On July 22, the results were announced.

Hareta Hi no Bench (晴れた日のベンチ)

Keikoutou Saisei Keikaku (蛍光灯再生計画)

Ki no Nuketa Cider (気の抜けたサイダー)

Red and White unit

They were decided by voting from the themes produced anonymously by the members.

Year Akagumi (紅組) Shirogumi (白組)
Concept Members Songs Concept Members Songs
2020 Punk Gothic
Kuraoka Mizuha, Kawase Uta, Hokaze Chiharu, Miyase Reina, Takatsuji Urara, Amaki Sally Raimei no Delay Amai Loli
Suzuhana Moe, Saijo Nagomi, Umino Ruri, Takeda Aina, Shirosawa Kanae Kiwi no Shuchou
2021 Akimasa Retro Pop ~Sepia Iro~
(明正レトロポップ ~セピア色~)
Suzuhana Moe, Kuraoka Mizuha, Miyase Reina, Umino Ruri, Amaki Sally Headphones wo Hazuse! Ryounari Emotion ~Touro Iro~
(令成エモーション ~透色~)
Kawase Uta, Saijo Nagomi, Takatsuji Urara, Takeda Aina, Shirosawa Kanae Kotoshi Hajimete no Yuki


  • The group was originally supposed to feature 8 characters but was expanded to 11 shortly before the group debuted. Due to this, early activities of the group only included the eight characters that were voiced. The 11 member character line-up fully debuted in their fourth single. The Seiyuu who didn't have characters that were voiced still participated in activities alongside the group and released the same promotional material as the other members and are considered to have participated in the first three releases.
  • The group was originally formed with 12 members, however the twelfth member did not end up debuting with the group for reasons unknown.



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