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A.B.C-Z 2018 Love Battle Tour is the 1th video release released by A.B.C-Z.

It was released on January 30, 2019.

It was recorded August 15, 2018 @Tokyo International Forum.

Video Release Information

  • Catalog Number:
    • PCBP-55582 (Regular DVD Edition)
    • PCXP-50638 (Regular Blu-ray Edition)
    • PCBP-55581 (Limited DVD Edition)
    • PCXP-50637 (Limited Blu-ray Edition)


  1. Overture
  2. Hana Kotoba (花言葉; Flower Language)
  3. Rock with U
  4. Telepathy One! Two! (テレパシーOne! Two!)
  5. Zutto LOVE (ずっとLOVE; Forever LOVE)
  6. Burn Heart (Burn ハート)
  7. Steal Your Lips
  8. Like A Blow
  9. Persona Game (ペルソナ・ゲーム)
  10. Get up!
  11. Remember (リメンバー)
  12. A.B.C-Z LOVE
  14. MC
  15. JOY Shitai Kimochi (JOYしたいキモチ; I Want to Feel JOY)
  16. Machikado (街角; Street Corner)
  17. Tsukazu Hanarezu (ツカズハナレズ; I Can't Let Go)
  18. Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru (明日の為に僕がいる; I'm Here for Tomorrow)
  19. Daybreaker
  20. A.B.C-Z
  21. Dare no Mono de mo Nai Kono Michi wo (誰のものでもないこの道を; This Road is Not Owned by Anyone)
  22. Sukinanda... (好きなんだ・・・; I Like It...)
  24. Hara Hara Hiraful (はらはらひらふる)
  25. Triple Lucky!!! (トリプルラッキー!!!)
  26. Future Light
  27. Za ABC ~5stars~
  28. Moonlight walker
  29. Shuuden wo Koete ~ Christmas Night (終電を超えて~Christmas Night; Beyond the Last Train ~ Christmas Night)
  30. Forget How To Forget
  31. Bounenkai BOU! NEN! KAI! (忘年会!BOU!NEN!KAI!; End of Year Party! End! of! Year! Party!)
  32. Freedom ~Afure Dasu Omoi~ (Freedom~溢れ出す想い~; Freedom ~Overflowing Thoughts~)
  33. Reboot!!!
  34. JOY Shitai Kimochi

Regular Edition Bonus Footage

  1. Document Movie of A.B.C-Z 2018 Love Battle Tour

Limited Edition Bonus Footage

  1. Multiple Angle Videos (One for Each Member)
    1. Rock with U
    2. Burn Heart
    3. Dare no Mono de mo Nai Kono Michi wo
  2. Melody Sensei no Love Lesson SP Digest ~Zenkoku 11 Kasho 21 Kouen Kanzen Shuuroku~ (メロディ先生のLove Lesson SPダイジェスト〜全国11ヶ所21公演完全収録〜; Teacher Melody's Love Lesson SP Digest ~Complete Recording of 21 Performances in 11 Locations Nationwide~)

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