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A.B.C-Z Concert Tour 2019 Going with Zephyr is the 12th video release released by A.B.C-Z.

It was released on December 25, 2019.

It was recorded on August 16, 2019 @Makuhari Messe.

Video Release Information

  • Catalog Number:
    • PCBP-55584 (Regular DVD Edition)
    • PCXP-50738 (Regular Blu-ray Edition)
    • PCBP-55583 (Limited DVD Edition)
    • PCXP-50737 (Limited Blu-ray Edition)


  1. Overture
  2. Welcome to the Night
  3. Crush On You
  4. Moonlight walker
  5. Fantastic Ride
  6. JOY Shitai Kimochi (JOYしたいキモチ; I Want to Feel JOY)
  7. Saw me tight
  8. Want You Back
  9. Move that body
  10. Nagisa no Back In Your Heart (渚のBack In Your Heart; Beach Back In Your Heart)
  11. Naturally
  12. Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z
  14. Reboot!!!
  15. Za ABC ~5stars~
  16. Bokura ~LOVE&PEACE~ (ボクラ~LOVE&PEACE~; We Are ~LOVE&PEACE~)
  17. MC
  18. DAN DAN Dance!!
  19. Chance to Change
  20. Yoake no Gunslinger (夜明けのガンスリンガー; Gunslinger at Dawn)
  21. Rinne (リンネ)
  22. Shake it ! Like it !
  24. Man and Woman
  25. Black Sugar
  26. Sweet Addiction
  27. Sachiare (幸あれ; Good Luck)
  29. Take a “5” Train
  30. Pier. (パイアール。)
  31. Walking on Clouds
  32. Shuuden wo Koete ~ Christmas Night (終電を超えて~Christmas Night; Beyond the Last Train ~ Christmas Night)

Regular Edition Bonus Footage

  1. Document Movie of ABC-Z Concert Tour 2019 Going with Zephyr

Limited Edition Bonus Footage

  1. Multiple Angle Videos (One for Each Member)
    1. Welcome to the Night
    2. DAN DAN Dance!!
    3. FORTUNE
  2. Going with Talk! ~MC Part Kessakusen~ (Going with トーク!〜M Cパート傑作選〜; Going with Talk! ~MC Part Masterpiece Selection~)

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