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A.B.C-Z Early summer concert is the sixth video release released by A.B.C-Z.

It was released on October 28, 2015.

It was recorded on May 31, 2015 @Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Video Release Information

  • Catalog Number:
    • PCBP-55574 (Regular DVD Edition)
    • PCXP-50363 (Regular Blu-ray Edition)
    • PCBP-55573 (Limited DVD Edition)
    • PCXP-50362 (Limited Blu-ray Edition)


  1. Overture
  2. Vanilla
  3. Mekuru Meku (メクルメク; Turn Around)
  4. A.B.C-Z LOVE
  5. Summer Joujou!! (Summer上々!!; Summer is the Best!!)
  6. Nagisa no Back In Your Heart (渚のBack In Your Heart; Beach Back In Your Heart)
  7. Drama (ドラマ)
  8. We're Fighter
  9. Doko Made Happy!!! (どこまで Happy!!!; How Far Happy!!!)
  10. Like A Blow & My life
  12. Zutto LOVE (ずっとLOVE; Forever LOVE)
  13. Attraction!
  14. BAD BOYS
  15. Mirai wa Akarui Kai? (未来は明るいかい?; Is the Future Bright?)
  16. Shower Gate
  17. In The Name Of Love ~ Chikai (In The Name Of Love~誓い; In The Name Of Love ~ Oath)
  18. Twinkle Twinkle A.B.C-Z
  19. Ai no Katamari ~ Stay with me♡ (愛のかたまり~Stay with me♡; A Bunch of Love ~ Stay with me♡)
  20. DARKNESS(LOVE Desu ☆ ver.) (DARKNESS(LOVEです☆ver.); DARKNESS(It's LOVE ☆ ver.))
  21. Bokura ~LOVE&PEACE~ (ボクラ~LOVE&PEACE~; We Are ~LOVE&PEACE~)
  22. Finally Over
  23. Bokura no Kotae ~Here We Go~ (ボクラのこたえ~Here We Go~; Our Answer ~Here We Go~)
  24. BIG STAR
  25. Naked
  26. InaZuma☆Venus
  27. Tokubetsu na Kimi e (特別な君へ; Special to You)
  28. 5 Door Corner (5 Doorコーナー)
  29. Za ABC ~5stars~
  30. Legend Story
  31. Shower Gate

Limited Edition Bonus Footage

  1. A.B.C-Z Early summer concert Documentary (Yoyogi National Gymnasium and Osaka-Jo Hall)

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