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ABC Za Johnny's Densetsu 2017 is the 10th video release released by A.B.C-Z.

It was released on August 29, 2018.

It was recorded on October 2017 @Nissay Theater.

Video Release Information

  • Catalog Number:
    • PCBP-53251 (DVD Edition)
    • PCXP-50588 (Blu-ray Edition)


Act 1

  1. Prologue (プロローグ)
  2. Washington Heights (ワシントンハイツ)
  3. West Side Monogatari ~ Debut(ウエスト・サイド物語〜デビュー; West Side Story ~ Debut)
  4. Hollywood Palace (ハリウッド・パレス)
  5. LA no Rehearsal Studio (LAのリハーサルスタジオ; LA Rehearsal Studio)
  6. Devozon no Goutei (デボーゾンの豪邸; Devozon Mansion)
  7. Recording (レコーディング)
  8. Yume no Owari (夢の終わり; End of Dream)

Act 2

  1. 1965 Nen 12 Tsuki 31 Nichi Kouhaku Uta Gassen (1965年12月31日 紅白歌合戦; December 31, 1965 Red and White Song Battle)
  2. Kuukou (空港; Airport)
  3. Nitsu Geki Western Carnival Stage (日劇ウエスタン・カーニバルのステージ; Japan Theater Western Carnival Stage)
  4. Nitsu Geki no Gakuya (日劇の楽屋; Japan Theater Dressing Room)
  5. Four Leaves Monogatari (フォーリーブス物語; Four Leaves Story)
  6. Johnny's Densetsu (ジャニーズ伝説; Johnny's Legend)
  7. Soshite, A.B.C-Z (そして、A.B.C-Z; And then A.B.C-Z)

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