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Azatoi, formerly known as DokidokiDreamCampus+, is currently a four-member Japanese idol group originally formed with five members on November 16, 2020. They are a revival of DokiDoki☆Dream Campus.

They made their stage debut on December 12, 2020.

They held their last live as DokidokiDreamCampus+ on May 13, 2021,

They made their debut as Azatoi on May 23, 2021.


Current Member

Former Members

  • Kichou Rune (帰蝶るね; Light Blue) (Left early December 2020)
  • Hanasaki Yui (花咲友唯; White) (Founding member; withdrew April 1, 2021)
  • jas su (jasス) (Joined April 11, 2021; left may 2021)
  • Nishitani Rena (西谷澪奈; Purple) (Founding member; graduated July 11, 2021[2])
  • Izumi Sari (泉紗里; Light Blue) (Joined April 11, 2021; withdrew October 8, 2021[3])



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