BAND-MAID is a Japanese all-girl rock band formed in July 2013.

"While producing the appearance of maids on one hand - dressing in maid outfits, calling live shows 'services', and addressing audiences as 'sir' and 'madam' - they fascinate those who view their hard rock sound as contrary to their visual style."[1]


Current Members

  • Kobato Miku (小鳩ミク; Vocals, Guitar) (Original Member)
  • Toono Kanami (遠乃歌波; Guitar) (Original Member)
  • Hirose Akane (廣瀬茜; Drums) (Original Member)
  • MISA (Bass) (Original Member)
  • Atsumi Saiki (厚見彩姫; Main Vocal) (Joined August 2013)



Indies Albums

  1. [2014.01.08] MAID IN JAPAN
  2. [2015.11.17] New Beginning

Major Albums

  1. [2016.05.18] Brand New MAID
  2. [2017.01.10] Just Bring It
  3. [2018.02.14] WORLD DOMINATION
  4. [2019.12.11] CONQUEROR
  5. [2021.01.13] Unseen World

Indies Single

  1. [2014.08.12] Ai to Jonetsu no Matador (愛と情熱のマタドール)

Major Singles

  1. [2016.11.16] YOLO
  2. [2017.07.19] Daydreaming / Choose me
  3. [2018.07.25] start over
  4. [2019.01.16] glory
  5. [2019.01.16] Bubble
  6. [2019.10.03] endless Story
  7. [2020.12.02] Different

Digital Singles

  1. [2021.02.04] About Us


  • The group was idealized and created by Kobato Miku, who has worked previously in maid cafes in Akihabara and decided to merge the maid aesthetic with cool rock music.[2]
  • Miku started by scouting Kanami, who was a singer-songwriter at the time and used to publish videos on YouTube. Kanami invited her then backup Drummer, Akane, to join the band. Lastly, Akane invited bassist MISA, who was at the same music school as her.[2]
  • The band was initially supposed to be formed by just the four of them, but Miku decided to add an extra vocalist due to her lack of vocal potency, making the band a twin vocal with the addition of Saiki in August 2013.[2]



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