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This page will not be updated regularly in the future as the group has a much more complete and updated page in a separate wiki.For more info go to BE:FIRST's page on BMSG Wiki.

BE:FIRST is a seven-member Japanese dance and vocal group formed in 2021 through the audition "THE FIRST" hosted by BMSG, a new company founded by SKY-HI.

They released a pre-debut song "Shining One" on August 16, 2021.

Their fans are called as "BESTY", a slang that means "best friend" by connecting the first and last two letters of the group name.

Named "BE:FIRST", the group is taking a great first step towards Japan, Asia, and the world.


  • BF-01: SOTA (ソウタ)
  • BF-02: SHUNTO (シュント)
  • BF-03: MANATO (マナト)
  • BF-04: RYUHEI (リュウヘイ)
  • BF-05: JUNON (ジュノン)
  • BF-06: RYOKI (リョウキ)
  • BF-07: LEO (レオ)



  1. [2021.11.03] Gifted.
  2. [2022.03.07] Bye-Good-Bye

Digital Singles

  1. [2021.08.16] Shining One (Pre-debut)
  2. [2021.10.05] Kick Start
  3. [2022.01.31] Brave Generation


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