BananaLemon (バナナレモン) is a four member Japanese girl group under Digz Entertainment.


Former members

  • R!NO - Main dancer (2016-2018)



On December 21st, they released their song #SorryNotSorry on the iTunes Apple Store.


BananaLemon's YouTube channel was created on January 2nd.

Their video, "BANANALEMON - #SorryNotSorry CM [Verse Part]" was released on January 9th.

Their digital release, DIAMONDS, was released on May 2nd.

They participated in TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE 2017 on May 6th, showing their support to the LGBT+ community.

in Mid-August, the music video for #SorryNotSorry was released under the channel lute / ルーテ, however, it has since been taken down.


On February 21st, they released the music video for their song GIRLS GONE WILD. It was known to have accumulated 300,000 views in under 24 hours.

On September 16th, BananaLemon performed at DCM Festival 2018 at Seoul, South Korea without R!NO. It was stated that she was on hiatus due to health issues.

On September 19th, it was announced that R!NO had officially left the group.

BananaLemon's first releases as a trio, Clap, Smile, Dance! and Beautiful were released on October 5th.


On April 25th, they released a new music video for their new song #slaysian. Lety was revealed as their new member.



  1. [2016.05.02] #SorryNotSorry
  2. [2017.05.02] DIAMONDS
  3. [2017.07.05] FOREVER YOUNG
  4. [2017.08.04] (KEEP CALM IT'S) GIRLS TIME
  5. [2017.09.07] I WANNA, I WANNA
  6. [2017.11.14] GIRLS GONE WILD
  7. [2018.06.11] LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME
  8. [2018.10.05] Clap, Smile, Dance!
  9. [2018.10.05] Beautiful
  10. [2018.12.17] JOYRIDE (#SorryNotSorry Pt.2)
  11. [2018.12.23] DOWN
  12. [2019.04.29] #slaysian
  13. [2019.08.23] Hey Mr. D.J.
  14. [2019.08.26] Sugarbaby
  15. [2019.11.24] #Slapanese



  • Their producer is STY, who has produced music for many well known artists such as Girls' Generation, EXILE, Koda Kumi, Daichi Miura, and more. [1]
  • While they do not have many music videos released for their songs, they do often upload dance practices to their channel.
  • According to an interview by Sakura Haruno on onehallyu, the members met eachother through STY when he saw Saarah's demo tape, which resulted in him inviting her to his studio. Wanting to debut her in a small group, he also invited Mizuki and R!NO. Nadia ended up joining the group last. [2]
  • Their goal is to be known the the domestic market, as well as a group that can be universally recognized.
  • The reason for their group name has remained hidden since their debut, but hints involve the "sweetness" of a banana and the "sourness" of a lemon.



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