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Barazono Avu (薔薇園アヴ; "Rose garden Avu"), also known as Avu-chan (アヴちゃん), is a member and lead vocalist of Ziyoou-Vachi.

They are the lyricist and composer of the band's songs, credited in these capacities (and when writing songs for other acts) as Barazono Avu-sama (薔薇園アヴ様).

An earlier version of the bands's official English website and an 2015 English interview used feminine pronouns for Avu-chan;[1][2] the current version of site as of December 2020 does not use any.[3]

They are also a member of Gokumonto Ikka (獄門島一家, "Prison Gate Island Family"), a supergroup comprising Avu-chan on lead vocals and also trumpet together with Nagaoka Ryosuke on guitar, KenKen of Rize on bass and Nakamura Tatsuya on drums (both Ziyoou-vachi and Gokumonto are titles of novels in the Kindaichi Kosuke series by Yokomizo Seishi).


  • Name: Barazono Avu
  • Nickname: Avu-chan
  • Birthday: December 25
  • Birthplace:
  • Zodiac: Capricorn.png Capricorn
  • Blood Type:
  • Height:
  • Position: Lead vocalist, second guitar
  • Has written in the lyrics of the song "HALF" about prejudices from other Japanese people faced on account of being Japanese with a mixed-race appearance. They described their intention for the song "to be seen as neither attacking nor protecting, but carving the path to fate to move forward."[4]
  • Their sister is Ruri-chan, also a member of Ziyoou-Vachi.



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