BeForU was an all-girl J-Pop idol group created in 2000 for the Konami music simulation games. The group later had a major label debut under aves in 2006 before later being moved to Gambit. The group disbanded in 2009 after the release of their fourth album.



Konami and Toshiba Emi, a famous Japanese agency held an audition for forming an all-girl pop group to produce soundtracks for their games. Naoki Maeda, the producer for Konami was there and ended up choosing the girls. Four girls ended up winning the audition and became the 1st generation of the group. A contest was later held to determine the name of the group. The winner of the contest supposedly received a CD. The winner was BeForU which was a play on words of the popular D.D.R. song B4U.[1]


There song Dive was heavily promoted prior to the release of D.D.R. 5th mix. It had previously appeared on D.D.R. Extra Mix. Dive was later deemed a success and the group continued to produce more songs for Konami.


BeForU released their first studio album "BeForU" It sold 20,000 copies, making it their highest selling release. It was also the first and only album to feature Maehara Shiyuna.


Shiyuna left the group to pursue her studies. Her departure caused the 2nd generation auditions to happen. This time, the second generation auditions weren't limited to girls only. And while they were originally planning on adding 2 members, somewhere along the way, there was a tie for either 1st or 2nd place and three members were added. The members added were Arisawa Miharu, Sotohana Risa and Minami Sayaka and they were called "BeForU NEXT".


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