BiSH (Brand-new idol SHiT) is a group formed by former BiS producer Watanabe Junnosuke, owner of the management company WACK. They are labeled as the successor to BiS.[1]

They are defined as "a punk band without musical instruments".[2]



BiSH's creation is announced in January and auditions start soon after.

In March, the group is formed with five members: Aina The End, Momoko Gumi Company, Cent Chihiro Chicchi, Yukako Love Deluxe and Hug Me.

The first pictures show the member's faces concealed with black eye contacts, only being revealed after they each achieved 4 444 followers on Twitter.[3] All subsequent added members would pass through similar processes.

They have their first live performance in April 30, at Tsutaya O-Nest.[4]

In May, Yukako Love Deluxe leaves the group due to anxiety, soon before their indies album debut in May 27, Brand-new idol SHiT. The album reaches 20th place in Oricon weekly music chart.

In August, two new members join the group: Hashiyasume Atsuko and LingLing.


In January, BiSH announces their major debut under Avex's label avex trax.

Their first major single, DEADMAN, is released in May 4.

On May 15, Hug Me announces her graduation, which took place on June 2. She cited family reasons as the cause.

Subsequently, in August, Ayuni D joins the group.


BiSH manages to sell out all of their national tours: "BiSH NEVERMiND TOUR" (January) and "BiSH NEVERMiND TOUR RELOADED" (April) and "BiSH NEVERMiND TOUR RELOADED THE FiNAL "REVOLUTiONS"" (July).


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