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C'est L'elegance na Tanoshimi is Kidorikko's first album.

Featured Members

  • Ten Chiyumi
  • Sato Ryuichi
  • Matsumae Kimitaka

Album Information

  • Produced by: Kasahara Akio
  • The track, ・・・・・・・・, is a few seconds of silence followed by Ten yelling "ja ne!" ("see you!"). On the CD release, the track was appended to the end of track 6.
  • CAP-0041-M


Side A

  1. Momoiro Kingyo (桃色金魚; The Pink Goldfish)
  2. Kaokao Bukubuku (カオカオブクブク; Bubbled Face)
  3. C'est L'elegance Oshou (セレレガンスな和尚; The Priest of Elegance)

Side B

  1. Konokono Koneko (このこのこねこ; This Little Kitten)
  2. Denchuu de Gozaru (殿中でござる; A Castle in a Bamboo Basket)
  3. Nyuusankin Syndrome (乳酸菌シンドローム; Lactic Acid Bacteria Syndrome)
  4. ・・・・・・・・

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File:Kidorikko - Denchuu de Gozaru (Full Version)

From a live performance in either 1985 or 1986.