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DIALOGUE+ is a voice actress unit formed on June 24, 2019. The group initially performed the opening theme song Hajimete no Kakumei! for the anime CHOYOYU!: High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! (2019), but has done many anime theme songs since then.

On June 25, 2022, Uchiyama Yurina's agency Stardust announce she would go on hiatus due to health concerns. The unit will continue with the 7 remaining members.




  1. [2021.09.01] DIALOGUE+1

Mini Albums

  1. [2020.04.08] DREAMY-LOGUE


  1. [2019.10.23] Hajimete no Kakumei! (はじめてのかくめい!)
  2. [2021.02.03] Jinsei Easy? (人生イージー?)
  3. [2021.02.03] Ayafuwa Asterisk (あやふわアスタリスク)
  4. [2021.05.19] Omoide Shiritori (おもいでしりとり)
  5. [2022.04.13] Bokura ga Orokada Nante Dare ga Itta (僕らが愚かだなんて誰が言った)
  6. [2022.06.15] Koi wa Sekai Teiri to Tomo ni (恋は世界定理と共に)

Limited Singles

  1. [2020.06.17] Atarimae Dakara (あたりまえだから)
  2. [2021.12.15] Hacchake DIALOGUE+ Christmas! (はっちゃけダイアローグ+クリスマス!)

Digital Singles

  1. [2020.12.23] Natsu no Hanabi to Kimi to Ao (夏の花火と君と青)

Video Releases

  1. [2020.09.16] Bokutachi no Kakumei! Online (ぼくたちのかくめい!オンライン)
  2. [2022.03.30] DIALOGUE+1



  • All members are part of AiRBLUE related to the mobile game and anime CUE!. Uchiyama Yurina, Hieda Nene, Moriya Kyoka and Ogata Yuna are part of the Flower team, while Takamura Ayaka, Miyahara Satsuki, Iizuka Mayu and Murakami Manatsu are part of the Bird team.
  • All the members DIALOGUE+ also appear to be related to the mobile game and anime CUE! (where they all portray characters in the anime) and could be considered to be a subunit of AiRBLUE.

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