Dorothy Little Happy is a Japanese idol group formed in 2011. The members of the group at that time were part of a previous group called B♭.

MIMORI, KOUMI, RUUNA graduated from the group and formed a self-produced group called callme.

After KANA graduated, the group became the solo project of MARI. Mari graduated in December 2018 and the group has since been restarted with new members in 2019.


Current Members

Former Members

  • MICHIYO (Graduated November 2010)
  • RUUNA (Graduated July 2015)
  • MIMORI (Graduated July 2015)
  • KOUMI (Joined November 2010; Graduated July 2015)
  • KANA (Graduated June 2017)
  • MARI (Graduated December 2018)
  • Takeuchi Nana (竹内菜々) (Joined May 19, 2019; Graduated October 20, 2019)
  • Kurokawa Kiri (黒川季里) (Joined April 7, 2019; Graduated January 22, 2020)



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