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Fujikawa Chiai (藤川千愛) is a singer-songwriter, the vocalist and guitarist of PhatSlimNevaeh (as Roku; ロク), and a former member of Maneki Kecak.


  • Maneki Element: Love
  • Maneki Animal: Rabbit
  • Hobbies: Songs, music, YouTube, shopping, stretching
  • Special Skills: Can sing a song by only hearing it once
  • Useless Skills: Can draw while hula hooping, can almost guess the lottery at the convenience store, can freely fly in dreams, can stop hiccups immediately, can waste two hours in a drug store
  • Favorites List: Number six, pink dresses, nails, beauty salon, puppies, family
  • Least Favorites List: UV rays, people who do bad things, earthquakes, bugs that fly, drunk people, roller coasters



  1. [2019.05.07] Laika (ライカ)
  2. [2020.04.08] Ai wa Headphone Kara (愛はヘッドフォンから)
  3. [2020.11.24] HiKiKoMoRi

Digital Singles

  1. [2018.12.17] Katte ni Hitori de Dokidoki Sunna yo (勝手にひとりでドキドキすんなよ)
  2. [2018.12.24] Yume Nanka ja Meshi wa Kuenai to Dareka no Sei ni Shite (夢なんかじゃ飯は喰えないと誰かのせいにして)
  3. [2018.12.31] Kimi no Namae (きみの名前)
  4. [2019.11.11] Hikiyoserarete Yume wo Miru (引き寄せられて夢を見る)
  5. [2019.12.20] Omajinai (おまじない)
  6. [2020.01.03] Watashi ni mo Sonna Aniki ga (私にもそんな兄貴が)
  7. [2020.02.07] Anata wo Kirai ni Naremashita (あなたを嫌いになれました)
  8. [2020.10.30] Bakemono to Yobarete (バケモノと呼ばれて)
  9. [2021.06.02] Karappo no Pierce (片っぽのピアス)


  • Her grandfather was a former enka singer and taught singing classes. She learned how to sing through watching him teach.

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