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Ganbare, Tomoyo! is the ninth single released by A.B.C-Z.

It was released on October 21, 2020.

Single Information

  • Catalog Number:
    • PCCA-04980 (Regular Edition)
    • PCCA-04978 (Limited Edition A)
    • PCCA-04979 (Limited Edition B)


Regular Edition


  1. Ganbare, Tomoyo! (頑張れ、友よ!; Good Luck, Friend!)
  2. Mata Deaeru Hi Made (また出会える日まで; 'Until the Day we Meet Again)
  3. Go For All
  4. Ganbare, Tomoyo! (Instrumental)
  5. Mata Deaeru Hi Made (Instrumental)
  6. Go For All (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A


  1. Ganbare, Tomoyo!
  2. Trust in yourself
  3. Trust in yourself (Instrumental)


  1. Ganbare, Tomoyo! (Music Video)
  2. Ganbare, Tomoyo! (Making Movie)
  3. Making of Jacket Shooting
  4. Ganbare, Tomoyo! (Dance Video)

Limited Edition B


  1. Ganbare, Tomoyo!
  2. Sayonara Kiss (サヨナラキス; Goodbye Kiss)
  3. Sayonara Kiss (Instrumental)


  1. Daiichi Kai A.B.C-Z Kamizumou!! ~Ore Tachi Ouen ya!! Basho~ (第一回 A.B.C-Z紙相撲!!〜オレたち応援屋!!場所〜; The First A.B.C-Z Paper Sumo!! ~Cheering!! Wrestling Tournament~)
  2. Ganbare, Tomoyo! (Image Video) (Full Ver.)

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