I Feel The Light is the first major mini album (second overall) by Little Glee Monster.

The third track is cover of Carole King and James Taylor while the fifth track is a cover For Real.



  1. I Feel The Light featuring Earth, Wind & Fire
  2. Itoshisa ni Ribbon wo Kakete (愛しさにリボンをかけて)
  3. YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND -Live on 2018.02.03-
  4. Monster Groove Medley -Live on 2019.09.18-
    1. I Feel The Light
    2. Never ending dreamer
    3. HARMONY
    4. Hajimari no Uta (はじまりのうた)
    5. Jinsei wa Ichido Kiri (人生は一度きり)
    6. Zenryoku REAL LIFE (全力REAL LIFE)
  5. You Don't Know Nothin'

Limited Edition DVD

  1. I Feel The Light featuring Earth, Wind and Fire Music Video
  2. LA Documentary Film


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