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Ikuta Lilas (幾田りら), also known as ikura, is a singer-songwriter, a member of YOASOBI, and former member of PLUSONICA.

She's a 4th generation member of the LESSON, a free program by Sony Music Japan, that bases on their experience of sending artists out into the world, and they draw out each student's potential and give them a thorough lesson on how to become an artist.

She graduated from PLUSONICA on August 13, 2021.

On July 25, 2022, their official website of YOASOBI announced that ikura was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the previous Friday (July 22, 2022). They canceled their appearance at the Fuji Rock Festival on July 29, 2022.


Studio albums[]

  1. [2023.03.08] Sketch

Mini albums[]

  1. [2018.04.21] Rerise
  2. [2019.11.29] Jukebox

CD singles[]

  1. [2024.04.17] Seishun Ouka (青春謳歌) (feat. ano)

Digital singles[]

  1. [2020.09.25] Rocket to the Moon ~Shinjita Sekai e~ (ロケット・トゥ・ザ・ムーン〜信じた世界へ〜)
  2. [2020.12.25] Hikari (ヒカリ)
  3. [2021.03.09] Answer
  4. [2021.08.14] Romance no Yakusoku (ロマンスの約束)
  5. [2022.01.17] Sparkle (スパークル)
  6. [2022.06.14] Lens (レンズ)
  7. [2022.11.20] JUMP
  8. [2023.01.17] Tanpopo (蒲公英)
  9. [2023.10.06] With
  10. [2024.06.01] Humming (ハミング)


  1. [2016.08.26] 15 no Omoi (15の想い)


  • Her first name Lilas comes from the French name for Lilac.


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