Ishikawa Natsumi (石川夏海) is a former 1st Generation member of Last Idol and its unit, Love Cocchi, as well a former member of akishibu project.

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akishibu project

Mini Albums


Last Idol


(B-side/Coupling) Edit


  • Love Cocchi
  • Love Cocchi (2017)
  • Miss iD 2016
  • Akishibu project


  • One of her specialities is being able to remember people's names easily.
  • She was crowned the 'Princess of Gravure' in the YA Gura-Hime 2017 (Young Animal Gravure Princess 2017) competition.
  • She graduated from Last Idol in August of 2019 and Akishibu Project on July 27, 2017.
  • She was a finalist of the Miss iD contest 2016.
  • After graduating from Last Idol she stated she had made up her mind to bring her idol life to an end.


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