These are some guidelines for editing on this wiki. While it is encouraged for new users to edit, and for the wiki content to expand, there are some suggested guidelines to be followed to make the experience enjoyable for all.


Page Titles

  • Pages for people should have the surname listed first and the first name listed second. For the long ō sound, only one o should be used and not ou or ō.
  • For music releases and groups, the pages should be romanized based off their Japanese titles and not translations and using ou for the long ō sound when needed. If there is an english word (or any word in a non Japanese language), that word is written how it appears. So if its all upper case or lower case, that's how it should be.
  • For double and triple a-side releases, the / with spaces on either side is used to separate the different titles (Title1 / Title 2 / Title 3). If there is no space and its just title1/title2/title3, it will just end up creating subpages and not a separate page.

Page Layout

People Pages

  • For people pages there can be a lot of sections, but not all of them necessarily need to be used at once. There is the history, profile, discography, discography featured in, works, references, gallery, and external links.
    • The history section is used to describe the whole career chronologically. It is generally detailed and can take a while to write (which is why its not often used).
    • The profile section lists basic information that is publicly available on the profile section of the official website or on other official social media platforms. It contains Name/Stage Name, birthday, birthplace, zodiac, blood type, hobbies/interests, etc.
    • The discography and discography featured in sections are for listing out all the singles, albums, etc that they participated in or are directly credited with. Some people may have one category and not the other category or have both.
    • Works is used for other activities, if the person has participated in movies, stage plays, music videos (that they aren't directly credited for), or song production.
    • References will just contain a list that you can use to reference information on the page that might seem out of the ordinary or not commonly found. To fully use this, you need to use the <ref>put url here</ref> tags and put a url in and then use the {{Reflist}} template to display them. For hopefully better details on how to use them, please consult an admin.
    • The Gallery section is used to showcase old profile pictures. The preferred way to show them and to keep the page organized is to use the slideshow. For optimal way to set it up, just consult a random people page and look in source mode.
    • External Links are used to list urls to other important pages outside of the wiki, such as social media, official profile page, or other important information sources.

Group Pages