Jonishi Seira is a member of Tokyo Performance Doll.


  • Name: Jonishi Seira (上西星来)
  • Nickname: Seira (せいら), Jonii (じょにー )
  • Birthday: August 14, 1996(1996-08-14) (age 24)
  • Birthplace: Aichi, Japan
  • Zodiac: Leo.png Leo
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 161cm
  • Hobbies: 髪の毛、肌の手入れ。豆さがし
  • Skills: Stretching
  • Strong Point: Thinks things over carefully
  • Weak Point: Easily bored
  • Motto: Doryoku wa hito wo uragiranai (努力は人を裏切らない; Effort won't betray you)
  • Favorite Artist: Suchmos, SUPER BEAVER, UVERworld
  • Favorite Colors: White, bold colors
  • Favorite Fashion Brand: FREAK'S
  • Favorite Food: Hormone
  • Favorite Sport: Badminton
  • Favorite Animal: Dog
  • Favorite TV Show: "Matsuko Kaigi"
  • Favorite Place: Sea
  • Favorite Season: Summer
  • Cooking Specialty: Ratatouille
  • Favorite Subject: Maybe... math
  • School Clubs: Wind orchestra
  • Life's Biggest Happening: When shaving eyebrows, I shaved all my eyelashes


  • Her cousins are former NMB48 member Jonishi Kei and current NMB48 member Jonishi Rei

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