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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Japanese Music Wiki! This page contains general information on rules, editing, and resources. Additional resources are to be added in time.

General Rules

Main article: Rules
  1. We use English on this wiki. Use proper grammar and spelling to the best of your abilities, this lessens misunderstandings.
  2. Be respectful and kind to others, even if your opinion doesn’t match theirs. Bullying is not tolerated.
  3. Hate speech, racism, homophobia etc. are not tolerated.
  4. Don't discuss politics, this is simply not the place for it. Keep the focus on the music.
  5. Don't share sexual content and don't sexualize any artist, especially underage artists. This will get you banned immediately.
  6. Don't have inappropriate nicknames. This includes having swear words in them. (Discord specific)
  7. Alternative accounts are not allowed, these will be banned immediately.
  8. Don't spam or vandalize.
  9. Don't share or spread rumors, this goes for artists, agencies, other users etc.
  10. Don't post personal information.
  11. Listen to admins and moderators.
  12. Don't ignore or block admins and moderators.
  13. Don't start drama.
  14. Don't advertise.
  15. Use your common sense. Just because something isn't directly in the rules, doesn't mean you can do it.


Artists of any genre are welcome in this wiki as long as they're based in Japan, releasing music in the Japanese market. This is to make the scope of what we cover smaller and to ensure that the wiki doesn't go too much off-topic by including jpop-inspired international artists. If you want more coverage on a jpop-inspired international act, please visit International Idols Wiki.

Additionaly, song pages are not allowed; Information on them is typically listed on the release page, and there are better places out there for publishing and browsing for lyrics, translations, etc.


Main article: Editing

Information and tutorials on editing.


Main article: Media

Information on images and videos.


Main article: Referencing

Information on referencing.


Main article: Templates

Information on templates.