Welcome and thank you for visiting Jpop Wiki! This page contains general information on rules, editing, and resources. Additional resources are to be added in time.

General Rules

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  1. No racism or homophobia
  2. No Spam or Vandalism on pages
  3. No bullying or harassment
  4. No hatred toward any artist
  5. No ownership of pages
  6. No advertising pirated content
  7. Focus on a person’s musical career and not other aspects of their career
  8. Rules are to be built upon and clarified as issues come up.


Editing is a way to improve articles for readers like adding a new photo or paragraph, correcting mistakes, or tweaking the layout. There are a few varieties to the layout that we have here, but for the most part we follow the same format for pages so that things are organized and easy to find.


Main article: Jpop Wiki:Referencing

Information on referencing.


Main article: Jpop Wiki:Templates

Information on templates.

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