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This page outlines guidelines for images and videos uploaded and used here.


What images to use

When adding images to articles, prefer using official promotional pictures as they are more relevant and have a much better quality since they are taken by professional photographers. If these cannot be found, other images can be used instead.

Images in infoboxes

Images used in infoboxes are usually the most recent official picture for artists and the main cover for releases.

If you want to replace an image used in an infobox with a newer one, make sure to put the previous image in a gallery somewhere at the page. Keeping images are an important part of archiving content, and official pictures should only be removed when uploading a better version.

For more info on how to create galleries, please check out here.

In order to add a gallery to a page, copy code below and paste it at the bottom of a page (above References and External Links headings).

Example1.png|This is a caption
Example2.png|This is a caption
Example3.png|This is a caption
Example4.png|This is a caption


Licensing is something important to also add to images that are uploaded. With the UCP update, there is no longer a drop down to select the license category when uploading an image to the page. You can get around this by adding this license template to the description instead. Alternatively, if you want to upload images using Special:Upload, you can just add the license template to the image directly from the drop down menu on the upload page.


Some additional things to note: If you use the Mass Upload feature, you will have to go and add the license template manually to all the images. You can do this by going directly to the image itself (or by typing File:Image name into the search bar) and editing the image and adding the above text to it. Alternatively, you can also use the MultiUpload dev tool which will function as the Mass Upload button but will also add the license template. The MultiUpload script is harder to set up and it is not recommended you do this unless you know exactly what you're doing.

Adding the Licensing template may seem like an unnecessary extra step but it will help protect the images uploaded from copyright takedown by showing that we do not own the images and are only using them for Fairuse purposes.


How to Add Videos on Pages

How to find the page

Adding a video

To add a video from YouTube (or any other supported source) you will need to do the following:

  1. Head to this page. A link for it can be found under "Explore" in the dropdown top menu. Note that you will need to do this on a separate tab of your browser.
  2. On this page, click on the "ADD A VIDEO" button (1). A window will pop up, requesting a video url. Paste your YouTube link on it (2) and click "ADD" (3).
    1. Once you do this, your video will be ready to be used in any page. Refresh that page and scroll down and you'll see it listed under recent videos.
  3. To add the video you just uploaded to a page, find it between the recent videos and copy its title.
    1. On the page you want to include it, switch to source editor if you're not using it already and type this code to include the video:
Video Title Here