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This page outlines how to cite and add references to articles. References are very important for providing support, clarification and verification to pages.

Where to cite

References should be added in the history, chart positions, and trivia sections or wherever else it’s needed. For sections such as tracklist, profile, discography release dates, those don’t necessarily need citations as the information can be easily found.

Where to get information from

This can be changed as sources come and go.


  • Official websites
  • Official artist accounts (eg. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Japanese News & media outlets (eg., etc.)
  • English news sources (eg. J-Pop Project Radio, AramaJapan, Tokyo Girls Updates, Pure Idol Heart)
  • Online music charts/stores (eg. AmazonJP, cdJapan, Oricon, Billboard, iTunes, ototoy)

Discretionary (if properly linked)

  • Translation SNS accounts (eg.)
  • Fan accounts (eg. personal Twitter) (Useful depending on the user)
  • Fan sites & blogs (eg. Tumblr, Amino) (Useful depending on the site)
  • Public forums (eg. Hello! Online, mm-bbs, OneHallyu -> can be used to find sources & links)
  • Other wikis or resource sites (eg. Wikipedia -> can be used to find sources & links)

How to cite

To create a reference, simply switch to source mode while editing and then place your text inside <ref>[Link followed by title]</ref> tags.

Also, you can create a more detailed reference with the template Cite web. This allows the reference to include the URL, title, date, author, accessdate, etc.

If there is no citation on a sentence or paragraph you believe needs clarification, you can add the template {{Cite}} at the end. This can be removed once a reference is added. Or if its been a long time and the reference has never been cited, it can be removed instead.

References Section

At the end of the page, create a section and include the code {{Reflist}} or <references />. This will display a references section with clickable links for you to directly go to where the information was originally found.