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Welcome to the wiki. Please create an account if you want to get started editing and please visit the Guidelines page for further details on the rules of the wiki and how our editing format works.


Jpop Wiki

This page outlines more detailed information about guidelines on the wiki.


* These rules apply for both the wiki and the discord, please read them carefully

  1. We use English on this wiki. Use proper grammar and spelling to the best of your abilities, this lessens misunderstandings.
  2. Be respectful and kind to others, even if your opinion doesn’t match theirs. Bullying is not tolerated.
  3. Hate speech, racism, homophobia etc. are not tolerated.
  4. Don't discuss politics, this is simply not the place for it. Keep the focus on the music.
  5. Don't share sexual content and don't sexualize any artist, especially underage artists. This will get you banned immediately.
  6. Don't have inappropriate nicknames. This includes having swear words in them. (Discord specific)
  7. Alternative accounts are not allowed, these will be banned immediately.
  8. Don't spam or vandalize.
  9. Don't share or spread rumors, this goes for artists, agencies, other users etc.
  10. Don't post personal information.
  11. Listen to admins and moderators.
  12. Don't ignore or block admins and moderators.
  13. Don't start drama.
  14. Don't advertise.
  15. Use your common sense. Just because something isn't directly in the rules, doesn't mean you can do it.

Wiki Editing

  1. We do not take editing requests, we are busy people and have a lot of artists to keep up with.
  2. If you want an admin to review an edit you made please message an admin.
  3. Do not spam the wiki-editing chat with images, info etc. (Discord specific)

Detailed Guidelines

  1. No hatred toward any artist - The wiki has a large amount of artists and while it’s understandable that people don’t like every single one but hatred toward others who may like the artist themselves or to the artist in general isn’t going to be tolerated.
  2. No ownership of pages - Fandom (formerly wikia) is a collaborative platform. Things are going to change on here over the years as we come up with better ways to display information. While you may have pages you tend to prioritize in keeping updated, you don’t own the page. Other users have the right to edit it as well and changes they make aren’t directly an attack on you.
  3. No advertising pirated content - We support artists and pirated content takes away from that support and is also illegal. While it may be extremely hard to find or even impossible to find some content in a legal format, advertising illegal content is still not allowed on the wiki.
  4. Focus on an artists’ musical career - This is mainly for AV artists that also have a music career.

Appealing Blocks

If you believe you have been blocked unfairly, please leave a message on an admins message wall here or at community central and we will discuss the block with you and possibly appeal it. However, that won't always happen in the case of major rules being broken.