This page outlines more detailed information about guidelines on the wiki.

Detailed Guidelines

  1. Racism and homophobia are not to be tolerated on the wiki. This goes for both users and artists.
  2. No spam or vandalism on pages - don’t spam the wiki or vandalize pages with false information, off topic content. Repeated instances of this can result in a ban. This includes off topic content that is not connected to the wiki.
  3. No bullying or harassment of users - other users on this wiki are to be treated with respect. You are all contributors to a large scale project and while it is understandable to have different opinions on things, taking it out on other users and continually harassing them is not okay. This also includes engaging in editing wars with another user which includes continually undoing others edits for unnecessary reasons and/or replacing the content with your own. If you don't get along with another user for any reason, ignoring them and minimizing interaction is the best course of action.

This goes for both the wiki and discord.

  1. No hatred toward any artist - This wiki has a large amount of artists and while it’s understandable that people don’t like every single one but hatred toward others who may like the artist themselves or to the artist in general isn’t going to be tolerated.
  2. No ownership of pages - Fandom (formerly wikia) is a collaborative platform. Things are going to change on here over the years as we come up with better ways to display information. While you may have pages you tend to prioritize in keeping updated, you don’t own the page. Other users have the right to edit it as well and changes they make aren’t directly an attack on you.
  3. No advertising pirated content - This wiki supports artists and pirated content takes away from that support and is also illegal. While it may be extremely hard to find or even impossible to find some content in a legal format, advertising illegal content is still not allowed on the wiki.
  4. Focus on an artists’ musical career - This is mainly for AV artists that are on here. While some AV artists are allowed, the only ones that are allowed to be on this wiki are ones who also have a career in music or formerly a career in music. On those pages, their music career specifically is to be focused on. While you can list AV releases in their release section, pages for that content are not to be created neither are videos.
  5. Rules are to be built upon - This is the first iteration of these rules and they will be built upon or clarified as needed and as issues may potentially arise.
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