Kinjitou is the upcoming second major album (fourth human-sung album, fifth overall) by Reol. It will release on January 22, 2020, with "HYPE MODE" serving as the album's lead track.

It was released in four editions: a regular CD edition, a limited CD+Blu-ray edition (type A), a limited CD+DVD edition (type B) and a limited CD+Blu-ray+acrylic stand fanclub edition.

The album was pre-released with the digital single 1LDK on January 8, 2020.

Album Informations

  • Lyrics: Reol (all tracks excepted 4 & 9)
  • Composition: Reol (all tracks excepted 1, 4, 9 & 10), GigaP (all tracks excepted 5, 6, 7 & 11), Hidefumi Kenmochi (track 5), Iimori Masayoshi (track 7)
  • Catalog Number: VICL-65313 (Regular Edition), VIZL-1712 (Limited Edition A), VIZL-1713 (Limited Edition B), NZS-803 (Fanclub Limited Edition)
  • Distributor: Victor Entertainment

Background and release

Reol first announced the album on July 23, 2019 with the announcement of her fourth digital single Phanto(me) which released the next day.[1] The album, first set for the beginning of 2020, marked a "new era" in Reol's discography, after she wanted to have more hip-hop influences instead of electro[citation needed]. Music video of Phanto(me), which can also be prununced as You Raise Me by its original character spelling, premiered on August 20 and was directed by Okiku.

On October 19, Reol teased the second single HYPDE MODE of now named Kinjitou album through a SNS-only video teaser.[2][3] At the same time, she unveiled her new tour Reol Japan Tour 2020 which will begin on February 8 and will close on March 21.

Then, on December 12, Reol started to release assets about tracklisting, editions content and producing credits.[4] The usual crossfade movie was uploaded and then quickly deleted from platforms.[citation needed] On December 30, the singer released the music video teaser of HYPE MODE, revealing a brand-new hair color for the singer.[5] The song was used as a commercial song by Apple's App Store during the New Year celebration.[6]

Furthermore, Reol pre-released digitally 1LDK on January 8, 2020 as a promotional single.[7] The track was used for a LINE MUSIC campaign lasting to January 21.[8] Alongside this release, the crossfade movie was re-uploaded.[9]



  1. "Kinjitou" (金字塔; Golden Tower) - 3:28
  2. "HYPE MODE" - 3:31
  3. "Phanto(me)" (ゆーれいずみー; You Raise Me) - 3:52
  4. "-Move no Tame no Shisoukyoku Nr.4-" (-ムーブのための試奏曲 Nr.4-; "-Tune for Move Nr.4-) - 1:23 (instrumental track)
  5. "HameIn" (ハーメルン) - 3:19
  6. "un deux trois" (one, two, three) - 3:46
  7. "insider" - 3:42
  8. "Dali" (ダリ) - 3:11
  9. "-Rene no Shouhin Nr.9-" (-ルネの小品 Nr.9-; -Rene's Piece Nr.9-) - 0:37 (instrumental track)
  10. "GRIMOIRE" - 3:41
  11. "1LDK" - 3:54


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    1. "Utena" (ウテナ)
    2. "Phanto(me)" (ゆーれいずみー; You Raise Me)
    3. "Shinkuu Old Rose" (真空オールドローズ; Vacuum Old Rose)
    4. "Tai" (たい; wanna)
    5. "Rettou Joutou" (劣等上等; BRING IT ON)
    6. "Somari" (染; Dye)
    7. "Butaiura Micchaku Eizou" (舞台裏密着映像) (Fanclub Limited Edition only)
  2. "Utena (Music Video)" (ウテナ (Music Video))
  3. "Shitsurakuen (Music Video)" (失楽園 (Music Video); Lost Paradise (Music Video))
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  5. "Making"
  6. "Making 2" (Fanclub Limited Edition only)

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