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Mikako Komatsu (小松未可子) is an actress, seiyuu, and former idol. She is a former member of the idol group Imouto.

She passed an audition at Fujii Takashi no All Night Nippon R, whereafter she debuted as a member of the idol group Imouto. In September 2007 she left Imouto, and in November 2009 she signed a contract with Hirata Office.

She is a big fan of Detective Conan and Dragon Ball. As a matter of fact, her extensive knowledge of Dragon Ball was what convinced her agency that she was serious about getting into anime voice-acting, and she eventually got the role of Joey on her first audition.

Discography Featured In

Studio Albums

  1. [2013.02.13]: THEE Futures
  2. [2014.05.14]: e'tuis
  3. [2017.05.10]: Blooming Maps
  4. [2018.07.11]: Personal Terminal

Mini Albums

  1. [2012.07.11]: Cosmic EXPO
  2. [2014.02.22]: cosmic Explosion (Remix Album)


  1. [2012.04.25]: Black Holy
  2. [2012.11.07]: {{subst:Nihongo|Tsumetai Heya, Hitori / Geshi no Kajitsu|冷たい部屋、一人 / 夏至の果実}}
  3. [2013.07.24]: {{subst:Nihongo|Owaranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita.|終わらないメロディーを歌いだしました。}}
  4. [2013.12.25]: {{subst:Nihongo|Niji no Yakusoku|虹の約束}}
  5. [2014.02.22]: Sail away
  6. [2014.11.05]: Latimer road
  7. [2015.08.26]: {{subst:Nihongo|Gunjou Survival|群青サバイバル}}
  8. [2016.09.21]: Imagine day, Imagine life!
  9. [2017.08.09]: Maybe the next waltz
  10. [2017.11.08]: Swing heart direction
  11. [2021.05.10]: Kuyashii Koto wa Kettobase (悔しいことは蹴っ飛ばせ)

Collaboration Singles

  1. [2015.08.26] The Bravest Destiny (With Maeno Tomoaki and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)

Live Venue Singles

  1. [2013.04.13]: ABC
  2. [2014.06.10]: {{subst:Nihongo|Naminori Glider|波乗りグライダー}}
  3. [2018.02.25]: Happy tale wa Lunch no Ato de (Happy taleはランチの後で)

Digital Singles

  1. [2014.09.10]: Latimer road ~in the suit LIVE ver.~
  2. [2015.07.04]: Gunjou Survival (TV Size)
  3. [2015.09.24]: Rocker
  4. [2018.11.26]: Yuujou ZABOOOON!! (友情ZABOOOON!!)

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