Kutsuhimo is the debut mini album by Saito Shuka. The Blu-ray Limited Edition came in shoe box packaging, and also contained a photobook, poster, and 1 meter long shoelaces.



  1. Kotoba no Mahou (ことばの魔法)
  2. Ato 1 Meter (あと1 メートル)
  3. Kutsuhimo (くつひも)
  4. Dare Yoru mo Yowai Hito de Kamawanai (誰よりも弱い人でかまわない)
  5. Refleclight (リフレクライト)
  6. Hero ni Naritakatta (ヒーローになりたかった)

Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD

  1. Ato 1 Meter -Music Video-
  2. Kutsuhimo no Musubikata ※「Kutsuhimo」 Making Documentary Video
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