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Konnichi wa and welcome to Japanese Music Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to all things Japanese Music. This wiki's goal is to provide you with the latest info on your favorite artists including new music releases, music videos, trivia, and more.
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Illegal Pop (イリーガルポップ) is a Japanese idol boy group formed on March 2022.

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Honda san living room

Honda-San's Living Room (本多さんちのリビング) was an idol group formed in late 2021. They describe themselves as an "Idol family unit", all members of the group share the surname "Honda". They disbanded in June 2022.

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Featured Soloist

No Image

Kitano Reiko (北野玲子) is a former idol singer. She got her start on "Star Tanjou!", which she applied to unsuccessfully four times, but eventually got the opportunity to participate after her friend was offered the chance but couldn't go due to personal circumstances. She...

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June 25, Happy Birthday!
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June 29, Coming Soon
Izumi Mana (35th)
Nonoko (29th)
June 30, Coming Soon
Takao Yuki (34th)
Noda Mami (28th)
July 1, Coming Soon
Note: All birthdays are based on JST Time.


Note: All release dates are based on JST Time.



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