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Suchmos bassist HSU passed away at the age of 32


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Hello Sleepwalkers resumed activities after a three year hiatus

Hello Sleepwalkers

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Snow Man released their first album "Snow Mania S1"

Snow Mania S1

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Learn about THE FIRST TAKE


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WONDER SNAKE is an idol group formed in 2019 and debuted on July 14, 2019.

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X JAPAN is a visual kei rock band from Chiba, formed in 1982. X Japan announced their disbandment after they performed their last concert at the Tokyo Dome on December 31, 1997. After ten years, they reunited in 2007.

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Featured Soloist

TKas912q 400x400.jpg

YUC'e (ゆーしえ) is a soloist singer, DJ, lyricist, composer and arranger.

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Recent Videos


October 22, Happy Birthday!
Takekawa Yukihide (69th)
Nakajima Shinichi (36th)
Abe Shuhei (24th)
Nishioka Kengo (24th)
Takamatsu Yuua (21st)
Suenaga Mayuka (21st)
Yua (20th)
Koharu Hinata (19th)
Kasahara Momona (18th)
October 23, Coming Soon
Yamaguchi Masao (44th)
Fujiwara Akino (30th)
Suenaga Mami (41st)
Uemura Yuki (28th)
October 24, Coming Soon
Sakuragawa Megu (33rd)
Kamikokuryo Moe (22nd)
Ado (19th)
October 25, Coming Soon
Kakizaki Risaki (30th)
Aikawa Kozue (30th)
Itagaki Mizuki (21st)
October 26, Coming Soon
Mori Yumeha (17th)
October 27, Coming Soon
Yokoyama Miyuki (62nd)
Kudo Haruka (22nd)
Shiina Ayane (14th)
October 28, Coming Soon
Wada Kanako (60th)
Uke Yutaka (40th)
Okita Anri (35th)
majiko (29th)
Ohara Rina (25th)
Saito Madoka (19th)

Note: All birthdays are based on JST Time.


October 22
3rd Single Club Moon / Cupid by femme fatale
October 25
14th Digital Single Tsubame by YOASOBI
October 26
1st Single Pirikarira by HO6LA
October 27
4th Single Tomedonai Shiosai ni Bokutachi wa Nani wo Utau Darou ka by ARCANA PROJECT
4th Single Hazuki by saji
8th Single Sense by BAND-MAID
12th Single Seikatsu Konkyu Dame Dinero by Uesaka Sumire
14th Single Mienai Kara ne!? by Amamiya Sora
20th Single Koukotsu Labyrinth by Endoh Masaaki
November 3
2nd Single Petals by Okasaki Miho
2nd Single Dark seeks light / Sanbunteki LIFE by Ninomiya Yui
3rd Single The Sacred Torch by H-el-ical//
5th Single Samenai Mahou by Samenai Mahou
9th Single Sensitive by AMEFURASSHI
10th Single Fever Dreamer by Mia REGINA
19th Single YURA YURA by WANDS
21st Single Inochi no Tomoshibi by Suzuki Konomi
22nd Single Shirushibi by Yanagi Nagi

Note: All releases are based on JST Time.



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