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Satanic Punish is a metal idol group that sings about the absurdity of the world. They were formed in June 2019. Their first line-up disbanded in October 2019. In February 2020, the group started again with a new line-up.

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Survive Said The Prophet 2021.png

Survive Said The Prophet, is a rock band from Tokyo, formed in 2011.

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TatsumiRika 2018.jpg

Tatsumi Rika (立見里歌) is a Japanese talento, a former idol, a former member of Onyanko Club, and a former founding member of Nyangilas. Her member number was 15. She joined Onyanko Club on April 19, 1985, and graduated on April 5, 1987. She graduated...

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September 19, Happy Birthday!
Dobashi Akio (61st)
Takanori Nishikawa (51st)
Takemasa Ono (33rd)
Jang Da Yeon (26th)
Sakura Rin (16th)
September 20, Coming Soon
Nakajima Nobu (55th)
Horie Yui (45th)
Amuro Namie (44th)
Shirayuki Himeno (21st)
Yamamura Sakura (15th)
September 21, Coming Soon
Yumi Asuka (59th)
Hasegawa Shizuku (31st)
Uchida Yuma (29th)
Kaname Rin (25th)
September 22, Coming Soon
Suzuki Masayuki (65th)
Okiku (30th)
Ando Nao (25th)
Yoshihashi Kurumi (22nd)
Satoyoshi Utano (21st)
Ito Fumi (14th)
September 23, Coming Soon
h-wonder (53rd)
Goto Maki (36th)
Tia (30th)
Koike Anna (24th)
September 24, Coming Soon
Kato Mayu (28th)
Toujou Shiori (27th)
Henmi Seira (23rd)
September 25, Coming Soon
Kiyoshi Ijichi (44th)
SEIKA (42nd)
Kogawa Iori (29th)
Arai Reira (27th)
Mizutani Mana (24th)
Ikuta Rira (21st)
Kobayashi Seiran (17th)
Kanon (15th)

Note: All birthdays are based on JST Time.


September 21
1st Single s u s u m e ! / Knock-Knock by PATI PATI CANDY...☆
September 22
2nd Album Equal by Uchida Yuma
3rd Mini Album re-union by Little Glee Monster
3rd EP Take off, by WATWING
31st Single KU-RU-KU-RU Cruller! by Aqours
21st Single Shoudouteki S/K/S/D by
13th Single Heavenlyheaven by Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.
September 28
September 29
6th Album Mary's Blood (Album) by Mary's Blood
11th Album Yume wo Kikasete by Soraru
14th Single Moonlight Magic by Hanazawa Kana
3rd Single Let us sing "Peaky!" by Peaky P-Key

Note: All releases are based on JST Time.



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