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MIGMA SHELTER (ミグマ・シェルター) is a Japanese female AqbiRec idol group formed in February 2017. The group describes themselves as an idol group who dances with psychedelic trance and release music with strong trance-based instrumentals. They went on hiatus on July...

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MAXIMUM THE HORMONE (マキシマム ザ ホルモン), is a metal band from Tokyo, formed in 1998.

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N Feni (ん・フェニ), formerly known as Yoneko (ヨネコ), is a self-produced soloist singer-songwriter and a former idol. They're a former member of new fashion food, MIGMA SHELTER and Bellring Shoujo Heart (as Kanra). They are also a former manager,...

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YouTube.png ARCANA PROJECT - たゆたえ、七色
YouTube.png SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] - Hands Up to the Sky
YouTube.png Kozuki Serena - NEVER END
YouTube.png B.K.S.N - シーラカンス
YouTube.png UVERworld - NAMELY
YouTube.png LiSA - サプライズ

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June 14, Happy Birthday!
Omomoko Sunrise (30th)
Nanba Shiho (28th)
Sekine Azusa (25th)
Tominaga Mimori (25th)
Nakamura Shuri (18th)
Yoshida Soyoka (17th)
June 15, Coming Soon
Minami Nanako (34th)
miwa (31th)
Arihara Kanna (28th)
Ishikawa Natsumi (25th)
June 16, Coming Soon
Hoshino Hidehiko (55th)
Oshima Ryosuke (36th)
Bokuga Sakura (22nd)
Hinata Haruna (22nd)
Yamazaki Mana (18th)
Yamamoto Rio (18th)
Sakuraba Yuzuha (11th)
June 17, Coming Soon
Kanzaki Sae (29th)
Yamaguchi Lisa (38th)
Goseki Koichi (36th)
Tsuji Nozomi (34th)
KIMERU (41th)
Tomita Nanaka (21th)
June 18, Coming Soon
Matsui Sayaka (28th)
Miyoshi Ayaka (25th)
Oishi Natsumi (17th)
Tanaka Miku (15th)
June 19, Coming Soon
Nakazawa Yuko (48th)
Sasaki Sayaka (39th)
Sato Manaka (28th)
Fujii Emika (27th)
Sakura Kae (14th)
June 20, Coming Soon
eba (34th)
May J. (33rd)
Takiguchi Mira (32nd)
Beverly (27th)
Uchimura Risa (21th)
Shiratori Sana (16th)

Note: All birthdays are based on JST Time.


June 16
4th Single Viewtiful Days! / Kioku ni Koi wo Shita by Waki Azumi
12th Single Pale Blue by Yonezu Kenshi
18th Single Kodou by Aoi Eir

Note: All releases are based on JST Time.



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