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Kamikaze Sensation (神風センセーション) is a Kamikaze themed underground metal idol group formed in January 2018. They are based in Fukuoka, Japan.

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HANABIE. (花冷え。) is an all-girl metal band.

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Featured Soloist


Kosaka Riyu (小坂りゆ) is a solo singer and former first generation member of BeForU. Some of her solo works are included in the benami based music simulation games. She had the most solo works out of any of the other BeForU members, and is thought of as the most successful...

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Recent Videos

YouTube.png Aoi Eir - 鼓動
YouTube.png Serizawa Yu - YOU YOU YOU
YouTube.png Official HIGE DANdism - Cry Baby
YouTube.png Sengoku Animal Gokuraku Joudo - 百花繚乱
YouTube.png Saito Nagisa - 現役アイドルちゅ〜
YouTube.png Lily of the valley - 誕生前夜

J-Pop/K-Pop Music

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May 11, Happy Birthday!
Otsuki Maki (48th)
Takeru (34th)
Oda Kaori (33rd)
Ohhama Kengo (29th)
Miyatake Mio (25th)
Nozaki Yume (14th)
May 12, Coming Soon
Ishiguro Aya (43rd)
Kobayashi Kota (33rd)
Tomomasa Teranaka (33rd)
Katahira Rina (29th)
Nakagawa Miyuu (26th)
Kurosawa Akari (22nd)
Hirokawa Nanase (22nd)
Watanabe Ayano (19th)
May 13, Coming Soon
Oshima Tomohiro (36th)
Uehara Wakana (25th)
Kobayashi Asahi (22nd)
Goto Hinata (13th)
MOMOHA (11th)
May 14, Coming Soon
Hashimoto Miyuki (41th)
AIJ (37th)
Uehara Asami (35th)
Okai Asuna (25th)
hime (23rd)
Horie Kizuki (23rd)
Ichinose Ayano (19th)
Kaneshi Sana (19th)
May 15, Coming Soon
Mitamura Chiharu (35th)
Mizukami Mari (34th)
Tsuneta Daiki (29th)
Ozaki Yuka (28th)
Yamaga Kanae (26th)
Aoyama Yoshino (25th)
Shimazaki Rino (25th)
Hayashi Coco (19th)
Tsukada Momoka (19th)
Serina (11th)
May 16, Coming Soon
Imai Asami (44th)
Sano Hana (35th)
Suzuki Emiko (22nd)
Kaminaguchi Honoka (22nd)
Fujisawa Hiyori (14th)
Kiyota Anri (14th)
May 17, Coming Soon
Oshima Haruka (23rd)
Abe Nanami (29th)
Nagatsuki Midori (21th)

Note: All birthdays are based on JST Time.


May 12
5th Single Nainai by ReoNa
11th Single Eien no Aria by Amamiya Sora
11th Single Kuyashii Koto wa Kettobase by Komatsu Mikako
12th Single Strobe Memory by Uchida Maaya
29th Single Negative Fighter by Hey! Say! JUMP
1st Album Liberation by MANACLE
May 17
2nd Digital Single DRIVE by Gordon
May 18
12th Single BABYLONIA by Task have Fun
May 19
Re-debut Single DiViNE by EXiNA
2nd Single Sandai Yokkyu by Non Stop Rabbit
4th Single Omoide Shiritori by DIALOGUE+
7th Single Kimi ga ita Shirushi by halca
8th Single Carpe Diem / Villain by ASCA
17th Single START DAY by Yumemiru Adolescence

Note: All releases are based on JST Time.



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