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Konnichi wa and welcome to Japanese Music Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to all things Japanese Music. This wiki's goal is to provide you with the latest info on your favorite artists including new music releases, music videos, trivia and more.
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BABYMETAL resumes activities with a cryptic video, after a ½ year hiatus


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SPYAIR vocalist IKE to leave band due to health issues


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Mrs. GREEN APPLE resumes activities after a 1.5 year hiatus


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Learn about THE FIRST TAKE


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Based on the Monthly Top 10 of Oricon Singles Ranking

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Featured Group

Azatoi Oct2021.jpg

Azatoi, formerly known as DokidokiDreamCampus+, is currently a four-member Japanese idol group originally formed with five members on November 16, 2020. They are a revival of DokiDoki☆Dream Campus. They made their stage debut on December 12, 2020. They held their last...

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Featured Band


ELLEGARDEN (エルレガーデン) is a Japanese rock band based in Chiba, Japan. They were originally active from 1998-2008 but were revived in 2018 and have been active since then.

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Featured Soloist

Hoshino Gen.jpg

Hoshino Gen (星野源) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, lyricist, actor, and voice actor. He married actress/singer Aragaki Yui on May 19, 2021.

...Read more about Hoshino Gen

Recent Videos


May 29, Happy Birthday!
YU-A (36th)
Nakajima Ikumi (33rd)
Hayami Saori (31st)
Sezaki Azusa (28th)
Inoue Rikako (26th)
May 30, Coming Soon
Kugimiya Rie (43rd)
Naruse Rinka (20th)
Roy Liliane (16th)
May 31, Coming Soon
Katagiri Maiko (40th)
Kasumi Risa (38th)
Yanagi Nagi (35th)
Ogawa Tomomi (32nd)
Coco Misato (31st)
Yuzuki Mio (28th)
Hayasaka Koumi (26th)
Ochi Karin (24th)
Shimano Momoko (23rd)
June 1, Coming Soon
ichigo (40th)
Tamaki Nami (34th)
Murakawa Rie (32nd)
Izumi Daichi (26th)
Hasegawa Serina (24th)
Miyatake Matsuri (23rd)
June 2, Coming Soon
Sawashiro Miyuki (37th)
Ura Erika (36th)
Tsujino Kanami (23rd)
June 3, Coming Soon
Hayase Hitomi (61st)
Kameda Seiji (58th)
Minekawa Takako (53rd)
Takami Hiroyuki (53rd)
Hashima Miki (26th)
Kimura Misaki (23rd)
June 4, Coming Soon
Tanaka Hidekazu (35th)
Shimoji Shino (29th)
Tamai Shiori (27th)
Nakanishi Kana (25th)

Note: All birthdays are based on JST Time.


June 1
2nd Single Heart wa Oteage by Suzuki Airi
3rd Single Secret Ceremony / No Time to Cast Anchor by millennium parade
6th Single BROKEN IDENTITY by Suzuki Minori
18th Single Koi wa Explosion (feat. Tamura Yukari) by Oishi Masayoshi
June 8
5th Single Ano Hi no Kotoba / Growing by Touyama Nao
14th Single Hanarenai Kyori by TrySail
41st Single GIRI GIRI by Suzuki Masayuki

Note: All releases are based on JST Time.



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