Memorial BOX is Okada Yukiko's third best hits album, released after her death. It contains songs from the albums Cinderella, Okurimono II, and Venus Tanjou. It also contains the single Hana no Image.


Disc 1

  1. Sayonara Natsuyatsumi (さよなら・夏休み; Goodbye Summer Vacation)
  2. Little Princess (リトルプリンセス)
  3. Kare wa Hurricane (彼はハリケーン; He is the Hurricane)
  4. Oka no Ue no High School (丘の上のハイスクール; High School on the Hill)
  5. Soyokaze no Love Letter (潮風のラブ・レター; The Breezy Love Letter)
  6. Arashi no Naka no Cafe Terrasse (風の中のカフェテラス; Cafe Terrace in the Wind)
  7. Akogare (憧れ; Admiration)
  8. Plastic Girl
  9. Sonnet (ソネット)
  10. First Date (ファースト・デイト)

Disc 2

  1. Futari Dake no Ceremony (二人だけのセレモニー; A Couple's Ceremony)
  2. Summer Beach
  3. Kanashii Yokan (哀しい予感; Upsetting Foreshadow)
  4. Love Fair
  6. Hoshi to Yoru to Koibitotachi (星と夜と恋人たち; Starry Night Love)
  7. Koibitotachi no Calendar (恋人たちのカレンダー; The Love of a Calendar)
  8. Futari no Blue Train (二人のブルー・トレイン; The Couple's Blue Train)
  9. Shou Hitsuji NOTE (小羊 NOTE; Small NOTE)

Disc 3

  2. Ai... Illusion (愛... Illusion; Love... Illusion)
  3. Venus Tanjou (ヴィーナス誕生; Venus Birth)
  4. Spring Accident
  5. Ginga no Vacance (銀河のバカンス; The Galaxy's Vacation)
  6. Jupiter (ジュピター)
  7. Kuchibiru Network (くちびるNetwork; The Lips Network)
  8. Nemurenu Yoru no AQUARIUS (眠れぬ夜のAQUARIUS; Sleepless AQUARIUS Night)
  9. Suishou no Ie (水晶の家; The Crystal's House)
  10. Ai no Colony (愛のコロニー; The Love Colony)

Disc 4

  1. Hana no Image (花のイマージュ; The Flower's Image)
  2. Himitsu no Symphony (秘密のシンフォニー; The Secret Symphony)

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