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milet (ミレイ) is a Japanese singer-songwriter who spent her young age in Canada and currently residing in Tokyo to pursue her musical career. She has a unique singing voice with a husky and profound feeling, as well as songwriting that gives off a global presence. She is signed to the label SME Records and managed by Sony Music Artists agency.


milet started her full-scale music activities in 2018[1], and in October of the same year, she was selected as an upcoming artist picked up by Yves Saint Laurent Beaute at Yves Saint Laurent's global event "YSL BEAUTY HOTEL" held at the Omotesando Hills venue in Tokyo, and performed live.[2][3]

On March 6, 2019, she released her first EP "inside you EP" and made her major debut. The title track "inside you" was produced under the supervision of Toru from ONE OK ROCK, and used as the opening theme for the Fuji TV drama Scandal Senmon Bengoshi QUEEN.[4][5] The songs "Again and Again" and "I Gotta Go" were used as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama JOKERxFACE.[6]

On March 25, she held a live event "milet SPECIAL SHOW CASE @Billboard-Live TOKYO", which was her first stage appearance after her debut.[7]

On May 15, she released her second EP "Wonderland EP".[8] The title track "Wonderland" was used as an insert song and image song for the anime Birthday Wonderland directed by Hara Keiichi. The movie's theme song "THE SHOW" is also included in the EP.[9][10]

After a total of five EP releases, on June 3, 2020, the first full album eyes containing all 18 songs was released, and both debuted in the Oricon Weekly CD Album Ranking and Oricon Weekly Digital Album Ranking at 1st position. In addition, she won first place in Billboard JAPAN "HOT ALBUMS" for two consecutive weeks and entered the TOP 10 for eight consecutive weeks.

She is in charge of regular DJ at FM802 MUSIC FREAKS program for one year from October 2020.

In late 2020, she had a cameo appearance in episode 5 of the TV Asahi drama Shichinin no Hisho[11] for which she performed both the theme song Who I Am and an insert song The Hardest.

On December 5, she planned to hold her first paid livestream concert "milet ONLINE LIVE "eyes" 2020".[12]

On December 31, she will participate in the "71st NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen" for the first time.[13]

She performs the theme song, checkmate, for the upcoming live-action film Kakegurui: Zettai Zetsumei Russian Roulette which premieres April 29. 2021.[14]


Studio albums

  1. [2020.06.03] eyes
  2. [2022.02.02] visions


  1. [2019.03.06] inside you EP
  2. [2019.05.15] Wonderland EP
  3. [2019.08.21] us
  4. [2019.11.06] Drown / You & I
  5. [2020.02.19] Prover / Tell me
  6. [2020.12.02] Who I Am
  7. [2021.08.04] Ordinary days
  8. [2022.03.09] Flare EP
  9. [2022.05.25] Walkin' In My Lane

Digital singles

  1. [2019.08.28] us -acoustic ver.-
  2. [2020.12.31] inside you - From THE FIRST TAKE
  3. [2021.04.29] checkmate
  4. [2021.07.14] Ordinary days
  5. [2021.11.16] us - From THE FIRST TAKE
  6. [2022.01.14] Flare
  7. [2022.01.19] Wake Me Up


  • [2019.10.23] MAN WITH A MISSION - Dark Crow (#3 Reiwa feat. milet)
  • [2021.12.17] おもかげ (Omokage) (produced by Vaundy) - milet x Aimer x Ikuta Lilas



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