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Nagasawa Marina (長澤茉里奈) is a gravure model and a former member of Houkago Princess.

She was initially dismissed from the group in August 2014, but she later rejoined and was promoted as a 7th generation member of the group.

She later withdrew from the group on December 14, 2016, to pursue a career as a gravure model.


  • Skills: Servicing with a smile
  • Likes: Star Wars, Dragon Quest, fish paste, cute clothes, The Very Hungry Caterpillar (book)
  • Dislikes: Blue fish (food)



  1. [2016.09.25] 20 no Yakusoku (20歳の約束)
  2. [2017.01.30] glows.
  3. [2018.06.12] pocchi² Ikenai Switch (pocchi² イケナイ・スイッチ)
  4. [2019.11.15] Goodbye Lolita (グッバイロリータ)

Web Photobooks

  1. [2016.05.27] Goho Loli Kyonyu, Giri Giri Safe?! Soredemo out Ka?! (合法ロリ巨乳、ギリギリセーフ!?それともアウトか!?; Legal loli big tits, barely safe! Or out!?)
  2. [2019.03.15] pocchi² (ポッチポッチ)

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