Nakiwarai no Episode (泣き笑いのエピソード Episode of Tears and Laughter?) is the 27th single by Hata Motohiro. It will be released on January 27, 2021, in two editions: a limited edition (CD+DVD) and a regular edition (CD only).

The title track is the theme song of NHK's morning drama Ochoyan. The b-side includes a new arrangement of the songs "LOVE LETTER" and "Earth Collection" from the latest album Copernicus, and a new song "Kasanaru" in which KAN participated in the strings arrangement.

The first press limited edition comes with a DVD featuring the unattended live Hata Motohiro Live at FAD YOKOHAMA 2020 held in August, including the bonus track "Toranoko".

The music video for "Nakiwarai no Episode" was premiered on YouTube on December 21. It was directed by Yuichiro Fujishiro.

The single was pre-released on December 21, 2020, on digital platforms.


  • Regular Edition [CD only] (UMCA-50059, ¥1,200)
  • Limited Edition [CD+DVD] (UMCA-59060, ¥2,900)



  1. Nakiwarai no Episode (泣き笑いのエピソード Episode of Tears and Laughter?)
  2. LOVE LETTER (Copernicus AT HOME)
  3. Earth Collection (Copernicus AT HOME)
  4. Kasanaru
  5. Nakiwarai no Episode (backing track)


Hata Motohiro Live at F.A.D YOKOHAMA 2020
  • Synchro (シンクロ?)
  • Forever Song (フォーエバーソング?)
  • Shikisai (色彩 Colors?)
  • Koi no Dorei (恋の奴隷 Slave of Love?)
  • Lost
  • Aru (在る Exist?)
  • Raspberry Lover
  • 9inch Space Ship
  • Sumire (スミレ Violets?)
  • Himawari no Yakusoku (ひまわりの約束 Sunflower Promise?)
  • Uroko (鱗(うろこ) Scale?)
  • Asa ga Kuru Mae ni (朝が来る前に Before the Morning Comes?)
  • Interview & Bonus Track (Toranoko)



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