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Narratage is the 1st and debut single by adieu. It was released on October 04, 2017 with "Narratage" as the single's lead track. It was release in two editions: a regular CD edition and a limited CD+DVD edition.

Single Information

  • Producer: Noda Yojiro
  • Songwriter: OBKR & Youki Kojima (Track 1), Noda Yojiro (Track 2)
  • Composer: OBKR & Youki Kojima (Track 1), Noda Yojiro (Track 2)
  • Catalog Number: SRCL-9533 (Regular Edition), SRCL-9531~32 (Limited Edition)
  • ISBN: 4547366322323 (Regular Edition), 4547366322316 (Limited Edition)
  • Product Type: CD (Regular & Limited Edition), DVD (Limited Edition)


  1. Narratage (ナラタージュ)
  2. Hana wa Yureru (花は揺れる)
  3. Narratage (Instrumental) (ナラタージュ instrumental)
  4. Hana wa Yureru (Instrumental) (花は揺れる instrumental)

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