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Narumi Runa (成海瑠奈) is a voice actress and former member of SoundOrion.

She left the group and suspended all activities in October 2021 due to her poor physical health condition. [1]


  • Hobbies/Skills: Watching anime/dramas, singing
  • Qualifications: Cooking Test 1-kyu, Clothing Test 1-kyu



On October 10, an information of Runa allegedly cheating on her boyfriend was leaked to several social media sites. Said boyfriend was "Mokou", a Youtuber who she has been dating for 3 years.

Details of the cheating CW: Sexual Intercourse[2]
The leaker also said that she has been doing an intercourse with an ex-boyfriend while allowing him to ejaculate in her for at least 4 times without wearing any protection.

Because of this, the fandom also created an infamous meme based on the ejaculation, which associates with Runa's cheating actions and her voiced character, Yuika Mitsumine from The IDOLM@STER: Shiny Colors.



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