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NiziU (虹U) is a nine-member idol girl group from Korean agency JYP Entertainment and Japanese record label Sony Music Japan. They were formed through the survival shows Nizi Project[1] and Nizi Project Season 2[2]. They made their official debut on December 2, 2020 with the single "Step and a Step".

Prior to their debut, a digital mini album, Make You Happy, was released on June 30, 2020.


Current Members

Order based on final lineup ranking:[3]


Studio Albums

  • [2021.11.24] U

Digital Mini Albums


Digital singles


  • 2020 62nd Japan Record Awards - Special Award
  • MTV VMAJ 2020 - Best Dance Video "Make you happy"
  • VOGUE JAPAN Women of the Year 2020
  • 2021: The 35th Japan Gold Disc Award - Best 5 New Artist, Best 5 Song by Download, Best 5 Song by Streaming



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