Not to be confused with Okada Yukiko.

Okamura Yukiko (岡村有希子) is the stage name of Watanabe Kae (渡辺かえ), a former Japanese idol singer and actress.


  1. [1984.01.25] Kanashimi no Rain Tree (哀しみのレイン・トリー)
  2. [1984.04.25] Nemurenai... Nemuranai (眠れない... 眠らない)
  3. [1984.09.10] Ameagari no Saint Germain (雨上がりのサンジェルマン)
  4. [1985.07.21] Watashi no Perfect Boy (私のパーフェクト・ボーイ)
  5. [1985.xx.xx] Suiyobi no Lycéenne (水曜日のリセエンヌ)*

. *Although generally listed as "Unreleased", a record version has reported existing, likely having a very limited release due to Jupiter Records' bankruptcy. Fortunately, an audio recording & a video performance of the A-Side have been uploaded online.


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