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Osaki ni Shitsurei is the fifth single released by Onyanko Club.

It was released on July 21, 1986.

On March 21, 2018, the cassette was re-released to be exclusively featured in crane games located in specific HMV music stores.[1][2]

Single Information

Track 1 was the theme song for their movie Onyanko The Movie Kiki Ippatsu!.

  • Catalog Number:
    • 7A0607 (Vinyl)
    • 10P3025 (Cassette)
    • BRTA-00005 (Crane Game Cassette)
    • 7AH-00607 (CD)
  • Lyrics: Akimoto Yasushi (秋元康)
  • Composition and arrangement:
    • Goto Tsugutoshi (後藤次利) (Track 1)
    • Sato Jun (佐藤準) (Track 2)


Vinyl / Crane Game Cassette

  1. Osaki ni Shitsurei (お先に失礼; Pardon Me for Leaving)
  2. Print no Natsu (プリントの夏; Summer Print)


  1. Osaki ni Shitsurei
  2. Print no Natsu
  3. Osaki ni Shitsurei (Instrumental)
  4. Print no Natsu (Instrumental)

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