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Pretty Ash is an idol group formed in July 2019 from the AKIHABARA Backstage pass idol cafe. Their concept is "PUNK & ROCK".


Current Members

  • Asada Rurika (浅田るりか; Lapis Lazuli) (Founding Member; Leader)
  • Momoyama Mio (桃山美緒; Fabulous Peach) (Founding Member)
  • Misato Akane (美里朱音; Sun Red) (Founding Member; Sub-Leader)
  • Takanashi Iroha (小鳥遊彩; Aquamarine) (Founding Member; Hiatus)
  • Kotobuki Haruka (寿春歌; Flame Orange) (Joined December 2020)
  • Ichinose Sara (一ノ瀬沙良; Pastel Blue) (Joined December 2020)
  • Hiramatsu Inori (平松いのり; Sugar White) (Joined December 2020)

Former Members

  • Imiya Miki (伊宮みき) (Founding Member; Contract cancelled May 31, 2020)
  • Tomoe Mafuyu (巴まふゆ) (Founding Member; Graduated May 2020)
  • Sanada Miri (真田美璃) (Founding Member; Graduated August 2020)
  • Kasuga Naco (春日菜子) (Founding Member; Graduated January 2021)
  • Yuuzaki Yui (夕咲ゆい) (Founding Member; Contract cancelled March 5, 2021)
  • Sato Yuuka (佐藤優香) (Founding Member; Graduated June 26, 2021)



  1. [2020.04.07] Identity (アイデンティティ)
  2. [2021.05.18] Believers


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