The Heanacat (ザ・ヒーナキャット) is a music duo. They perform 80's-inspired hard rock music, and have a gothic visual theme. They were formed in 2005 under the name Skill Up (スキルアップ) and changed to their current name in December 2012.


Current Members

  • Hii-chan (ひーちゃん) - Vocals, Guitar
  • Chino (ちの) - Bass, Backup Vocals (Joined January 2017, Graduating August 2020)

Former Members

  • Shota (しょーた) - Drums (Left 2009)
  • Hina (ひな) - Bass, Backup Vocals (Left November 2016)



Mini Albums

Collaboration Mini Albums


Live Venue Singles

  • [xxxx.xx.xx] 3cm (3センチ) (as Skill Up)

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