Tough Heart is the third single by Kobayashi Aika. It will be released on January 27, 2021.[1]

Single Information

The lead track Tough Heart was used as the opening theme for the anime Shin Chuka Ichiban! Season Two.

  • Catalog Number
    • TFCC-89696 (Regular Edition)
    • TFCC-89695 (Limited Edition)
  • Lyrics: TBA
  • Composition: TBA
  • Arrangement: TBA



  1. Tough Heart
  2. Sunset Bicycle
  3. Lorem Ipsum
  4. Tough Heart (instrumental)
  5. Sunset Bicycle (instrumental)
  6. Lorem Ipsum (instrumental)

Limited Edition DVD

  1. Tough Heart (Music Video)
  2. Tough Heart (Music Video Making)



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