Twin Memories is Wink's third studio album.



  1. Oh My Love (Introduction)
  2. One Night In Heaven 〜Mayonakano Angel〜 (One Night In Heaven 〜真夜中のエンジェル〜; One Night In Heaven with a Midnight Angel) (Remix)
  3. Special To Me
  4. Shining Star
  5. Sayonara Chiisana Crybaby (さよなら 小さなCrybaby; Bye-Bye, Little Crybaby)
  6. Aishiteru 〜Never Stopped Loving You〜 (愛してる 〜Never Stopped Loving You〜; I Love You)
  7. In Your Letter
  8. Yakan hikou 〜Never Marry A Railroad Man〜 (夜間飛行 〜Never Marry A Railroad Man〜; Night Flight)
  9. Joanna
  10. Samishi Nettaigyo (淋しい熱帯魚; The Lonely Fish in the Tropics) (Remix)
  11. Oh My Love

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