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Hello, I am the founder of this wiki. I created this wiki over 5 years ago because I was frustrated at the lack of information in english on lesser known idol groups and artists that I was interested in. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and tried to provide more information for lesser known idol groups. Since then, this place has grown a lot and the focus has shifted away from primarily Japanese idol music and now encompasses Japanese music as a whole.

There are now 15,000+ pages that I am aware are in various states of completion. While there is a fair amount of information here, there is always more that can be done.

Artists I like

Pages I'll actively work on maintaining

Most of these pages are of artists I like and so I have an easier time actively maintaining them. There are some artists I like but the pages can take a while to update do to various factors.

Pages I need to add

These are a bunch of pages on my current list that aren't on this wiki yet. Feel free to add some of them as it'll help me out.

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