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I have been editing wikis since 2013. I tend to mainly edit japanese music related wikis but there are a variety of wikis I visit and perform edits on. English is my native language, however, I can read beginner/intermediate level Japanese. I have been studying Japanese for years but I am far from fluent. I can also read hangul but beyond that I don't know much Korean

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Hello! Project WikiJapanese Music WikiUp-Front WikiFreya Snow WikiInternational Idols Wiki

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WACKiAKB48 WikiK-Indie Wiki

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This user is a native speaker of English.

ja-2 この利用者は中級レベル日本語を理解します。

Welcome to the wiki, while I did create it back in 2013, it has now grown into a large project with multiple users. I originally created it because it was hard to find information in english about certain idol groups and I wanted to make it easier to find and update information. I've listened to Japanese music since 2006 after discovering BeForU and TЁЯRA in my DDR games. Although I didn't start listening to other artists until 2012. I tend to like music from a variety of genres and I tend to edit a large variety of artists on the wiki and don't usually focus on certain ones.

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