☆Admin Supreme, Miko-sama☆

  • Hobbies: Digging for new music, searching for an optimal way to keep track of opinions on songs, story games, romance manga, cosplay, YouTube
  • Skills: Idol lore, sewing somewhat decently, finding interesting food combinations
  • Favorite Artists: AAA, PASSPO☆, I've Sound, Bed In, The Heanacat (LiSA, Reol, angela, predia, Hamasaki Ayumi, Perfume, Dempagumi.inc, MYTH & ROID, etc.etc.etc.etc.)
  • Attributes:
    • Bad at acting serious
    • Good at loving AAA
    • Infinite free time
    • Often found at northeast US anime cons (but doesn't do much except sit and talk and play rhythm games)
    • Incomprehensibly deep in the J-music rabbit hole

I'm available to help! Talk to me here or on the discord.

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